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Hello dear Welcome to slimming Tips blog, a complete weight loss tips blog. This is Tanvir, (The Author & admin); today I want to talk about some important aspects of our weight loss blog. You may have read many blogs and this is a specialized blog for weight loss. All the content has been written based on some practical weight lose experience, based on some scientific method.

More Important is Slimming Tips blog is jointly owned by an expert pharmacist and health Spiciest, so there is no chance to put any kind of false information here. We never said there are some tips that will help you to lose weight like magic, because we don’t like any magic tips.

What People expect from a weight loss blog?

Most of the people want the magic way to lose their weight and always looking for some kind of magic tips that will help them to reduce weight over night and to be very frank we don’t like any magic way and we don’t provide tips like magic, because there are no such a tips and methods that works like a magic, if you want to keep your body slim permanently you need to think about permanent change in life style and for that you have to go through the proper scientific way, have to know the basic of “health & Fitness”, should know why people gain weight or what are the main reasons behind this over and over gain? So these are the common important things should be included in a weight loss blog.

What we provide in Our Weight loss Blog ?

Well this is very important thing what we provide or what we suggest in our weight loss blog. Slimming tips blog always wants you to know the basic of Health & Fitness, always want to you to choose the right method, considering all important things we have categorized our blog into three very important part which are not only part of Weight lose but also a very important part of Health & Fitness, these are :

  1. Proper Diet plan
  2. Regular Exercise &
  3. Life Style Modification

Proper Diet plan is a very crucial part of our weight loss blog. This section will help you to select the foods to eat and foods to avoid. You can understand which foods are helping you to lose weight and which are not. You can learn about everyday about slimming diet, especially how important is fruit and vegetable diet for our health, etc.

The second biggest part of our weight loss blog is Regular Exercise. There is no way to avoid exercise if you want to lose weight fast, because only diet plan can’t help you alone. You need to do some exercise so that you can burn your extra fat and exercise is the fastest way to do that. We have made some sub category in this section like; Cardio Exercise, weight loses Exercise for women, Exercise tips for all etc.

Life Style modification is the permanent modification of your life style; you need to avoid such kind of activities that help you to gain weight, avoid alcohol, avoid fatty food items, and increase your metabolism level etc. These are also the very important issue of our weight loss blog.


Well that’s all about us and I hope you understand our points what we tried to discuss. If you think we can provide you the best information and can help to reach your goal you may become a part of us by joining our Official Fan page and Stay close with Love. Thank You.



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